peta infrastruktur

The Government of Indonesia realizes the importance of private participation in accelerating infrastructure development in Indonesia, especially considering limitation of government in funding the infrastructure needs.

Based on estimation of infrastructure funding needs in 2015-2019, the government is only able to fulfill 30% of total infrastructure funding needs, which is about IDR 1,433 trillion out of IDR 4,796 trillion in total. Approximately 36% of the funding gap is expected to be fulfilled through cooperation with private using PPP (Public Private Partnership) scheme. The private participation, however, is expected not only to fill the funding gap but also to share knowledge and experience in the development, operation, and management of qualified infrastructure services.

BAPPENAS - as national planning agency in Indonesia who is responsible for PPP planning and implementation - issues PPP Book to provide potential investors the information on available infrastructure investment in Indonesia.

Projects listed in PPP Book are results of rigorous review and screening process by BAPPENAS in compliance with BAPPENAS Regulation 6/2012. The projects are organized into three categories based on their readiness level, those are: (i) Potential Projects; (ii) Prospective Projects; and (iii) Ready to Offer projects. The PPP Book is prepared and published every year in accordance with the process of Government's Work Plan.